Supreme Productions & Entertainment specializes in digital music production, media publishing and fashion merchandising.  Other ancillary services provided by the company include video production and editing, graphic design and media business consultation.  Visit the services page for more detailed information about the services provide by the company.

Produce & market as many classic, copyrighted, empathetic, high quality & relatable hip-hop music songs and/or elements of hip-hop music as possible.

"Create the highest quality music".

Preme-O, Songwriter - Music on SoundBetter

· Established in 2013 by multimedia artist, entrepreneur and founder, Nicholas Mayo p.k.a. "Preme-O".

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Artist Bio:
"Preme-O" is Supreme Productions & Entertainment's headline music artist and primary music producer from Bronx, NY and has more music coming soon.  He is also a lifetime member of A.S.C.A.P. (the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers) as a song writer & music publisher, an Avid Technologies Certified Pro Tools Music Operator/Audio Engineer, Certified Web Developer and the founder and owner of Supreme Productions & Entertainment.

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